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Other Reference Material

Encyclopedia Britannica

Information Please On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia and Almanac Reference.

Encyclopedia.Com On-line encyclopedia featuring more than 14,000 articles from The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition.

The American HeritageŽ Dictionary of the English Language

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 ed.

The Devil's Dictionary

Roget's Thesaurus, 1911 ed., searchable.

Legal Dictionary from the 'Lectric Library

Roberts Rules of Order, 4th ed


Free Translation Machine translation from English into five languages and Spanish, French and German into English.

On line Conversion Convert from Metric to English, English to Metric, time, time zones, angles to degree, minutes, seconds --more.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 1901

Strunk's Elements of Style, 1918

The Bluebook Legal citation style sheet. For Kelley Automotive Blue Book click here.

Map Quest

Multimaps Maps from anyplace in the World Satellite images by name of location.

USGA Aerial Photo Finder

Forms of Address Proper forms of address for public officials and other dignitaries.

United States Postal Service

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Federal Government Telephone Directories

State Phone Book Telephone Directory of the Florida State Government.

St. Johns County Governments Telephone Directory From the Northeast Regional Planning Council. Slightly out of date. In PDF format.


Florida Attorney Search

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Federal Legal Resources

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U.S. Supreme Court Opinions

FindLaw's searchable database of the Supreme Court decisions since 1893 (U.S. Supreme Court Decisions: US Reports 150-, 1893-). Browsable by year and US Reports volume number and searchable by citation, case title and full text.


Citation Search
    U.S. e.g. 410 U.S. 113
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    e.g. Roe v. Wade
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United States Code

Circuit Court Opinions

All Circuit Courts of Appeal

DC Circuit
1st Circuit
2nd Circuit
3rd Circuit
4th Circuit
5th Circuit
6th Circuit
7th Circuit
8th Circuit
8th Circuit, alt.
9th Circuit
10th Circuit
11th Circuit

Alternate Sources
From Findlaw

Courthouse News Summaries and full text of recent Federal decisions.

Code of Federal Regulations

Search the By keyword:

If you already know which Section or Subpart of the CFR you want to retrieve, fill in the following boxes. Choose a revision year (you probably want to leave the scroll box at "Most Recent Available") and then add the CFR Title and Part. In addition, you must fill in EITHER a Section number or a Subpart letter, but not both. (Example: If you are looking for 42 CFR 413.1, fill in Title 42, Part 413, Section 1; if you are looking for the entire Subpart A of 42 CFR 413, fill in Title 42, Part 413, Subpart A)


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General Legal Resources

[ Federal Law ] [ Florida Law ]

Google Advanced Scholar

AltLaw Free Case and Statute Search Engine

Free Florida Case Law (requires membership in Florida Bar).

'Lectric Law Library. Self Described as created by a staff of 379 legal information experts, "a pack of hungry piranhas stalking the frozen Serengeti tundra's redwood forests for their next feral poodle brunch, * * * neutered drones, raised on a diet of Nixon speeches, Perry Mason reruns, Alan Dershkowitz commentaries & Scalia opinions since being snatched from their mothers within minutes of birth and genetically altered to unstintingly obey the benevolent musings and tyrannical rants of [their] universally beloved Head Librarian Ralf -- sit chained to computers 22 hrs a day at [their] majestic Isles of Langerhans Command Complex, traversing cyberspace, from its lofty, perfumed corridors of power to its dank, fetid dungeons, searching for any legal material the Library's beloved patrons may desire * * * *"

Washburn University. A complete index to legal resources on the Web.

State Materials from Findlaw.

State Materials From Stetson.

American Law Source On-Line Covers U.S., Canada and Mexico. Cases, Statutes, State A.G. Opinions, Law Reviews, Selected Briefs in Federal and State Courts, and Practice Areas.

Stetson Law - Legal Research Municipal Codes, Law by Subject Matter,Selected Florida Supreme Court Briefs, Law Journal EXTRA!, Indiana's Virtual Law Library, Washburn's WashLaw Web, the Internet Law Library, Hieros Gamos, Legal Directories and more.

Legal Research and Resources Florida and Federal resources from F.S.U. Law Library.

Municipal Codes

Laws & Codes From FindLaw. U.S. Supreme Court decisions, U.S. Courts of Appeal, some District Courts and Bankruptcy Court decisions, U.S.Code, CFR's, Law Reviews, Web Crawler, Legal Chat Room. Alternate sources, Cornell's Legal Information Institute , All Law, and Law.Com.





To use the Web as a citator, type main names of case in a "full text" or "word" search. If the Court, such as the Fla. Supreme Ct., does not provide for a "full text" search, use a full text search engine such as "Google" or "Fast".
Example: To check State v. Mitro (Fla. 1997), type in the "Google" search box, "state v. mitro". This will produce a New Hampshire case Douglas v. Douglas, yielding the So. 2d citation for Mitro. A Google search of "douglas v. douglas" and "new hampshire" will give American Express v. David Moskoff, giving the A 2d citation for Douglas.

Legal Ethics

N.L.R.B. Decisions In PDF format.

Legal Forms


University Law Review: Full Text Search of Law Journals. Access to Cornell Legal Information Insitute, Australasian Legal Information Institute and World Law.

Law Journals from FindLaw

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